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m. henry / 5707 North Clark Street / (773) 561-1600 /

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My resolution for 2012 was to explore Chicago more by venturing outside of my neighborhood more often in spite of being crazy busy and overworked due to graduate school/work. I had not seen my friend Abby (another Miami girl braving Chicago winters) in awhile, so we decided to hit up m.henry in Andersonville for breakfast…. or really brunch, since we ate pancakes and eggs in the afternoon, but if there isn’t cocktails involved I say its still breakfast.

We arrived at 12pm on a Saturday and BOY was this place crowded! However, the 30 minute wait proved to be worth it once we dug into our food.

I’ve had a major craving for pancakes for the last two weeks, so their blueberry apple blisscakes were an obvious choice for me. Thankfully I was not disappointed by m.henry — their pancakes truly were blissful! They were soft and fluffy with the perfect balance of sweet and savory. The oats and fruit addition was perfect as well. When the busboy asked “Are you done with your plate?” he must have thought it unusual that I hadn’t licked my plate clean for there wasn’t a bite left after I was done. These things are amazing!

I had a bite of Abby’s quiche and it too was mmm-mmmh good! We both shared breakfast potatoes, which were good, but our all time favorite breakfast potatoes are still the ones at Longman & Eagle.

At a little under $13 a person, I say this was a successful meal.

m. henry only offers their brunch menu on Sundays, but many of the items on it are very similar to the ones found on their breakfast/lunch menus. No cocktails here (/sad face), but it is BYOB. They don’t take reservations, but I promise you it is worth the wait.

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2 thoughts on “m. henry

  1. This place is sooo good. We still love it, even thought there are no bloodys 🙂

    • So, we at The Clean Plate Club have never actually had a bloody mary — but 2012 seems like the year of trying new things, so I personally promise to try one at the next brunch opportunity.

      Please do make recommendations as to where to have our very first in Chicago!

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