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Orange / 2413 N Clark St / (773) 549-4400 /

Apparently Orange has been sitting right under my nose this whole time, and I had never thought to check it out. I was in the process of cancelling dinner plans with two visiting friends from Miami as my doctor advised I should try to take it easy this week, when it turns out they were having breakfast less than a block away from my apartment (where the resting was supposed to be happening). I figured walking a few feet to nourish my body and soul would not exactly amount to ignoring my doctor, so I put on a coat and walked over to Orange.

Their menu looked pretty neat, but as my friends were already starting on their food, I quickly settled on their orange-rosemary french toast and a ginger mimosa (we are at a place called Orange after all). Both of my choices were pretty tasty — not blow your mind tasty, but tasty enough that I’ll probably take my ladies in The Clean Plate Club to check it out one of these days as I am curious to try their chai french toast and their peppercorn-raspberry egg sandwich and Orange is way too close to my apartment to not stop by for a second visit. The flavors in the french toast were subtle, but definitely present. The mimosa was pretty run-of-the-mill with a subtle ginger flavor, and does not at all compare with my favorite mimosas at Dunlays on the Square.

According to their website, Orange has locations in River North, River West, and Roscoe Village along with their Lincoln Park location (which is the one I went to). All of their locations are open 8am-3pm. Final verdict? Definitely stop by if you’re in the area and are hungry.

orange-rosemary french toast and a ginger mimosa

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3 thoughts on “Orange

  1. THe Huevos Rancheros at Orange is awesome. Do you know if all locations are now serving alcohol or just that one?

    • marialopezboada on said:

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      We’re not actually sure as their website does not have a beverage menu 😦

      P.S. Loved the post on L&E!

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