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Deb’s Cafe

Deb’s Cafe / 4600 Northwest Gateway Avenue Riverside, MO 64150 /
(816) 587-2710

This was an unexpected adventure.

Last Thursday evening I had class in Riverside, MO.  You’re probably thinking, “Where is that?” Exactly.  That’s what I was thinking too.  I left an hour early just in case I got lost. Turns out it only took me 20 minutes, which left 40 minutes for an AWESOME food adventure!

I had a Starbucks coupon in my pocket, so I set out to find a Starbucks to get some coupon action going.  Little did I know.  I don’t think there’s a Starbucks within 15 miles of Riverside, MO.  I drove down highway 9 for a few miles and found Deb’s Cafe.

As soon as I walk in, Mary the waitress puts down her cigarette and says to me, “Little thang!  What are you doing here?!”   And yes.  Apparently it’s still legal to smoke in fine Riverside establishments.  She was confused.  I was confused.  I was thoroughly convinced I hopped back into a 1960’s diner—a Midnight in Paris experience, perhaps?  After I gave Mary my longwinded explanation of why I was at Deb’s Cafe at 5:30pm on a Thursday evening, she set me up with a piece of apple pie, ice cream and decaf coffee.  While folding napkins and smoking a few more cigarettes, Mary and her friend chatted with me about rising coffee prices (the Corner Cafe is up to $1.90 per cup!) and Riverside history.  The apple pie from the Michigan Dutch Farm Market is still my favorite, but Deb’s Cafe has the best hospitality around.

Before I left I asked about the pancakes.  Mary highly recommended them.  I couldn’t agree more.  I returned this Saturday with my good friend, Gwen, who is always up for an adventure.  The pancakes were oh-so light and crispy on the outside, oh-so fluffy on the inside and covered in a mound of butter.  The sausage links were incredibly delectable.  They were moist and crispy at the same time.  Gwen said the bacon was also really great.

eggs & sausage

butter & pancakes

One adventure always leads to another (especially with Gwen)!  Gwen drove us to Parkville, which has a TON of really adorable Mom & Pop restaurants that I’m itching to try out!  Come join the adventure!

Much love from Katie & TCPC.

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One thought on “Deb’s Cafe

  1. Linda K Taylor on said:

    Since Deb’s moved to a windowless bldg., the atmosphere changed drastically and I felt “cooped up” and never returned. I hear their business dropped off and they are selling the building. I wonder……. how much do they want for it? I hope the owners contact me with their price. I have an idea to buy it out. My email address is — Loved them before they moved!

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