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After my post on Butcher & The Burger, Andrea suggested we hit up Burger Bar right off of the North/Clybourn Red Line stop.

While Burger Bar has a more varied menu than Butcher & The Burger, I wanted to have a similar experience so I could truly compare. At Burger Bar, I went with their grass fed burger ($12 with fries included vs $9.50 at Butcher sans fries — once you buy fries at Butcher the price is almost identical). At both places there are “free” toppings and “extras,” but they differ in what is considered an “extra.” In Butcher, cheese is free, but mushrooms are extra, while the opposite is true at Burger Bar. However, at the end of the day, the price point for both places is essentially the same.

This will be a battle of which burger actually tasted the best, and in this round I will have to give it to Butcher & The Burger. My burger at Burger Bar was good, but not amazing. The bun to burger ratio wasn’t what I wanted, and my crispy onions put it over the top. The burger at Butcher was perfectly balanced, and in my opinion this is what pushes a burger into “AMAZING” territory. The sweet potato fries at Burger Bar were good, but also not amazing.

At Burger Bar, Andrea and I also sampled some additional menu items. I had the nutella banana shake and we then shared the chorizo mac and cheese. The shake was amazing, but something I could make at home and for $6, I think I rather dirty up my blender and make this treat for myself than to fork over another $6. The mac and cheese was rather unimpressive. We almost did not have it because our waitress forgot to put the other in, and now I almost wish we would have just asked for it to be taken off our check and not had it at all. The cheese sauce was watery and not at all cheesy. The chorizo wasn’t really chorizo, and whatever it was it wasn’t very good.

The verdict? Not bad, but definitely not worth the price. This does however make me want to give Butcher & The Burger another go, so I kinda take back my questioning of whether the price tag there was justifiable.

Stay tuned for more burger adventures.

grass fed beef, blue cheese, mushrooms, crispy onions

nutella banana shake

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