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Butcher & The Burger

1021 West Armitage Avenue / 773.697.3735 /

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For the last few days I have had an intense burger craving, so when I finally found a willing friend (thanks, Ehren!) to trek in the snow for some meaty goodness I was elated. Since we both live in Lincoln Park, we decided to make the recently opened Butcher & The Burger our choice for a late lunch/early dinner.

Butcher & The Burger lets you build your own burger from a variety of meat options, seasonings, bun choices, and toppings. I went with the grass fed beef, Split Top Egg Butter bun, simple salt and pepper seasoning, cheddar cheese, bacon, and griddled mushrooms. I also had some fries and a coke. Ehren also had the grass fed beef but went with very different options: curry coconut seasoning, wheat bun, dijon mustard, and goat cheese.

We both agreed that our burgers were all around delicious. My meat was well cooked and the simple seasoning really let the flavor of the beef shine through. The fries were nice as well — thick cut and well seasoned.

However, my individual order was $18.96 and I’m still unsure if it was worth the price. While I wouldn’t mind paying more for certain meat options, I think the extras such as the bacon ($2.00) and mushrooms ($1.00) might push this place over the edge in terms of the price-to-quality ratio. Every thing was great and I appreciate good quality beef, but I’d be curious to compare it to some other high-end burger places before I completely make up my mind. New project idea for the Clean Plate Club? Andrea? Katie?

On my list of places to try: Burger Bar (also in Lincoln Park), Brand BBQ Market (Logan Square), and of course, Kuma’s Corner (Avondale). Stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Butcher & The Burger

  1. We definitely need to check out Burger Boss in Forest Park. My sisters LOVE it. Add it to the Spring break feast list!

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