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Spotlight on Local Chefs: The Flan Adventure

Every good Cuban knows how to make a flan. Clearly, I’m getting my membership revoked. In my twenty-three years of life I have made exactly one flan and I used a recipe from a (non-Cuban) magazine. If this wasn’t horrible enough I also made a non-traditional flan.

[Recipe from Gourmet (may you rest in peace).]

As a nod to my people, however, I must say that my amazing father had to come in and properly demonstrate how to make the caramel for the flan after I (clearly corrupted by my many years as an American) burned it. He did this without looking at any recipes and in spite of not having made flan since Clinton was in the White House.

Traditional or not — this turned out amazing.

my father showing me how its done

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One thought on “Spotlight on Local Chefs: The Flan Adventure

  1. At least your dad doesn’t explode spaghetti squash!

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