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Taberna Giralda

254 Giralda Ave / (786) 464-0686

With the impending Chicago winter hanging over me, I have been dreaming of Miami. It comes as a surprise to me that instead of dreaming of the arroz y frijoles of my Miami childhood, I dream of this place. Hidden away in the heart of Coral Gables, this tapas place embodies Miami so perfectly — slow service, loud music, and good food in the company of friends and strangers who might as well be your friends. Being here is like being at a family dinner without the awkwardness.

I usually hate going out to eat tapas. I hate to share and hate the slowness of it all. I only ever go because my one true love, second only to a good cortadito, is sangria. However, I love this place. I dream of this place. I miss this place once I’m gone.

The food is amazing. I could eat their fried eggplant on a daily basis. Their sangria is the best I’ve found in the city. I wish I could give you price points, but this place doesn’t bother with a website and after a pitcher or two of sangria I don’t know my own name.  They have live music on Saturdays which is the only day I ever go here for I don’t think it would be the same experience without the music and the energy the patrons put out every time the musician plays a Gipsy Kings song they recognize. Don’t go here if you have plans after, for you will never leave. This is in part because of how awesome this place is, but mostly because the service is non-existent and you practically have to beg for your check (it will come about 30 minutes after said begging has taken place).

Do yourself a favor and bring your patience and appetite to Taberna Giralda.

fried eggplant with honey

stuffed squid cooked in its own ink

patatas bravas

garlic shrimp

best sangria in town

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2 thoughts on “Taberna Giralda

  1. Um. I’ll be going here. This sounds amazing. Impromptu flight to Miami, anyone?

  2. Count me in!

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