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Welcome to the very first post from Kansas City, Missouri!  This evening Nathania, Lauren and I visited rBar down in the West Bottoms.  We gathered to celebrate the conclusion of a lovely winter break.

rBar is a beautiful bar and restaurant.  It was one of my favorite places when I first moved to Kansas City.  The decor makes you feel like you’ve walked into the 1920’s.

We had great conversations this evening, but unfortunately the food was really disappointing.  We ordered drinks, two desserts and an appetizer.  My savory bread pudding tasted mostly like butter and toast.   It would be better as a breakfast food.  Lauren’s orange biscotti chocolate parfait wasn’t very mouthwatering either.  The biscotti part tasted like old pizza crust.  The fudge from Lauren’s dessert was the only redeeming element of either dessert.  Nathania’s pork belly and kimchi was alright.  The pork belly was really moist and delicious, but the kimchi was way too salty.  It felt like a salt truck had driven through my mouth.  Unfortunately none of us were able to clean our plates this evening.  We left remnants of breakfast-like dessert and salt truck kimchi on our plates.

Fortunately, the drinks were great as usual!  I ordered the Winter Vacation.  It was a combo of scotch, lavender and lemon.

Usually there’s live music on the weekends, but not this evening.  It’s really sad to think that rBar might be on it’s way out of Kansas City.  It seems like business isn’t doing very well.  The past two occasions I’ve eaten at rBar there haven’t been many customers.

Bottom Line: We couldn’t clean our plates.  I probably won’t be going back to rBar to fill my belly anytime soon, but I’ll gladly return for a few spirits.  Maybe they’ll magically acquire new business and turn the disappointing food into food that I can applaud?  I hope so.

Much love from Katie & The Clean Plate Club

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One thought on “rBar

  1. Joy Jacobs on said:

    Well there is a new chef now that is bring the R Back to life! I hope you will come back and give him a try. Chef Phil Cline formerly of Sous of Extra Virgin.

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