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Spotlight on Local Chefs: Katie & Kevin Crowell

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Alright.  I confess.  These chefs are incredibly local.  And this restaurant isn’t exactly open to the public…but you’ve got to start somewhere!

Yesterday my dad and I cooked up a beautiful birthday dinner for yours truly.   My birthday isn’t until the middle of January, but I’m leaving for Kansas City today so I decided to celebrate with the fam a little bit early. It was quite the affair.  We began cooking around 2pm and finished around 5:30 or 6!  Thank goodness we had two amazing chefs in the kitchen!

Aside from one exploding spaghetti squash it was a very successful dinner!  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

The menu is below!  Thanks Smitten Kitchen!

Balsamic Braised Brussels with Pancetta

Side note!  I’ve become completely infatuated with brussels since having them for the first time at Gilt Bar in Chicago.  So delicious.

Moroccan-Spiced Spaghetti Squash

Mushroom Marsala Pasta with Artichokes

Spice Cake with Cappuccino Frosting and Nutella in the Middle

This is a Crowell family recipe.  Email me if you’d like the inside scoop!

I’ll leave the tastebud review to Ms. Andrea.  I think she might be a tad bit more objective then me, the chef of the evening.  Comments and or suggestions, Andrea?

Much love from Katie & The Clean Plate Club

[click to enlarge photos]

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