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El Cid

2645 n. kedzie ave. / / 773.395.0505

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This evening Andrea, Maria and I tried to go to the whiskey bar, Longman and Eagle in Logan Square, but alas alas it’s closed until January 4th.  My whiskey tastebuds will have to wait until I’m home in March for spring break.  Then we tried to go to Telegraph, which is just around the corner, but to be honest their desert menu was way over priced and nothing looked very tasty.  Some day I’ll return with more money in my pocket and perhaps more “mature” tastebuds.

But then!  We backtracked and found El Cid, a Mexican restaurant.  Their wine special (half off a bottle of wine on Mondays and Tuesdays) was irresistible!  I was kind of underwhelmed when we walked in.  The decor wasn’t as fancy as I had hoped, but then the really nice waitress led us upstairs and then magic!  It was kind of sort of fancy!

I’m always overwhelmed by the portion sizes at Mexican restaurant.  I can never finish the gloppy beans or the rice, but at El Cid the portion sizes didn’t make your stomach want to cry.

The desserts were aesthetically appealing and traditional.  The coconut flan was delicious, but the ice cream bomba was more impressive to the eyes than to the tastebuds.  It was good, but I think it looked more beautiful than it tasted.

The prices were really reasonable.  Most entrees were between $6 and $12.  Wine was $7 to $8 per glass or $24 to $28 per bottle.  Remember!  Half of bottles of wine on Mondays and Tuesdays!

I know it’s a Tuesday, but I wish the restaurant was a little bit more hoppin!  They had the right vibe, I just wish there had been more people there to create a louder atmosphere.  Telegraph is down the street and was almost at capacity.  Maybe they should save a few dollars and head over to El Cid.

Bottom line: If you’re already in Logan Square definitely check it out.  Don’t travel from the ‘burbs to El Cid.  Probably not worth it.

Much love from Katie & The Clean Plate Club

tortilla chips (salsa not pictured)

chicken enchiladas with mole sauce

tamarindo margarita

coconut flan

ice cream bomba

El Cid

We were here! And maybe we should get more professional calling cards!

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